Posted by: Susan | March 4, 2015

That’s a swear word!

My new favorite song is Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and we have watched it many times on You Tube. Tonight at dinner Samuel insisted that “funk” was a swear word. We tried to explain what funk meant. April chimed in that funk is only a swear word if you say “you” after it. Another wonderful discussion around our dinner table.

Posted by: Susan | March 4, 2015


Posted by: Susan | December 6, 2013

This Moment

A picture from the last week or so that makes me smile;)Image

Posted by: Susan | November 15, 2013

Veteran’s Day at our house.

It’s important to us that our children know the importance of Veteran’s Day.  We live in a town where it is celebrated and embraced so on Monday Jim, April and I headed to the Town Square.  Once we got there we met up with Jacob’s class from UC LAUNCH.IMG_3810 IMG_3811The cold day didn’t keep the people from attending.  We had everything for a perfect ceremony… dignitaries

IMG_3816a fly over…

IMG_3817middle school students reading original poems about Veteran’s Day….

IMG_3824and Veterans standing in the cold, remembering the friends they had lost and paying tribute to the Armed Forces.  I want my children to see and experience this.

IMG_3832After the speeches a new statue was unveiled to stand with existing statues.statues  Then it was time for the band to play the different songs for the each branch of the military.

IMG_3836When the Marine Corps Hymn was played Jacob took off his jacket to reveal what shirt he had worn that day.

IMG_3834As the Marine Hymn played he stood in solidarity with his Dad.  He may never be able to join the Marines but he supports them 100%  He earned that shirt by doing 3 pull-ups for the Marine recruiter on the UC campus.

Sam was in school and unable to join us that day but we had taken the family on Sunday to see the Flags of Honor at Spring Grove Cemetery.  Everyone in our family got to celebrate this important day.


Thank you to all the men and women who have served or are serving in the military.

Posted by: Susan | November 1, 2013

This Moment

A picture/ pictures from the last week or so that makes me smile.

Sam and Nate



Posted by: Susan | October 31, 2013

Since last Friday…preparing for Halloween

We have squeezed a lot into the last 6 days…a trip to the zooIMG_3553IMG_3567 IMG_3577 IMG_3582

Halloween costumes run through… IMG_3593 IMG_3651

Pumpkin carving…IMG_3632 IMG_3634 IMG_3640

and out to lunch at Blue Ash Chili where everyone knows our name and the servers dress in costumes all week…IMG_3657

I have made dinner for tonight using what I have on hand…IMG_3662

We are so ready for Halloween even if there is a SEVERE WEATHER WARNING for tonight.  Never let a little wind and rain slow you down.31 for 21

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Fun and annoying

A blast from the past… Some things never change and her brothers are still annoying April each one (Derek, Dan, Jake and Sam) in his own unique, annoying way!

april anecdotes

31 for 21Do you know what’s fun and annoying?

Brothers are both fun and annoying and April has 4 of them!!!!  Lucky girl………………….

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Posted by: Susan | October 14, 2013

31 for 21…This is our life

31 for 21Sunday…church together with note passing among Jake and big brother Derek….IMG_3297

Followed by male bonding at a car show…BWeh3YGCIAEReODBWe44JlCAAAjOsE

Finished up the day with 5 siblings, 2 grandkids and our son-in-law Pete sharing Sunday dinner.IMG_3303 IMG_3306

Spending family time together…a perfect Sunday.

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31 for 21…………THIS is our life!


Things I thought I would never say to my 16-year-old son with Down syndrome:  “You can play Obama Alien Defense for 5 minutes and then you have to play something else!”  Who comes up with these games?ImageThankfully Sam moved on to Hockey something something something…………………..  After this picture was taken the 3 brothers and the Hunk headed out to a Cruise In car show.

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31 for 21…THIS is our life!

ImageBig brother Derek arrived home last night at 11pm.  I had lots of plans which I shared with him.  I am a doer and like to make sure I squeeze every moment out of each day.  Plan 1, go down to the Ohio River, on the Kentucky side, and have lunch.  This trip would probably take 3 hours out of our day.  Derek very diplomatically said that it sounded like fun but he really wanted to:

1.  Spend time one on one with Jacob designing a t-shirt together on his computer.

2.  Take Sam to the pet store to spend alone time with him and keep him engaged.  Sam loves the pet store.

3.  Take April out by herself so they can have some brother/sister heart to hearts.

We said good night to D at 11:45pm and he caught up with his work until 1:30am.ImageAnd guess who was downstairs at 5:45am to have breakfast with his brothers before they went to school?  So I have canceled my big plans for the more important things in life like…ImageImageImagewatching my 2 grown kids see who can swing the highest.  This is gonna be a great weekend!


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