Posted by: Jennifer | June 14, 2008

Trading Places

It was a beautiful summer day when April, 5 years old, went missing. A day like today. We searched the neighborhood calling her name. We searched the house to see if she was hiding somewhere inside. Panic level was quickly approaching. No April.

Then she came walking down the sidewalk toward our house.

Her “Buddha belly” hanging over too small shorts, a tank top and no shoes! April was not wearing her own clothes. Before we started to think of every possible evil that had become of her… I recognized the clothes…

…They belonged to Emmy, a little toddler a few houses down. Further investigation into the situation revealed our neigbors were not at home. When they arrived and entered the house they discovered a small pile of too big, girls’ clothes and were very confused. What had happened here? Well, April found their side door unlocked as she wandered through the neighbors’ yards. She went inside to Emmy’s bedroom and decided to switch clothes. Why? 

 “I like Emmy’s clothes.”

We can laugh now at the vision of April coming home in those clothes. We will never really know what possessed her to leave the house and trade her clothes for someone elses. The answer is probably just this simple – we all have someone we want to be like.


  1. I WANT TO BE LIKE APRIL!!! She has such verve & passion…the things that really matter, REALLY MATTER to April.

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