Posted by: Jennifer | April 24, 2009

On Turning 21

It is so hard to believe that April tured 21 this month. She is an amazing young woman whose life continues to inspire me. April at 21 has a job, a boyfriend, a FaceBook page, email, and countless other “typical” interests and activities.

21 years ago I held a 7 lb 12 ounce baby in my arms.
21 years ago I was thrilled to know I finally had a sister.
21 years ago I cried when I found out she had Down syndrome.
21 years and I still have my worries about her future, her life as an adult.
But the last 21 years have taught me that predetermined limits and expectations can be shattered. My parents love, determination, and persistence has helped mold April into the beautiful woman she is today. A self-determined, caring, and engaging person who is a joy to call sister. .. and the future with her is brighter than ever.
Happy Birthday April!

April and her boyfriend on her birthday

April and her boyfriend on her birthday

(PS Margaritas on me)


  1. What a sweet photo and lovely tribute to your beautiful sister.

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