Posted by: Jennifer | May 7, 2009


My sister. My sweet sister…just kicked me off of her Facebook friend list. Why? What could I have possibly done to deserve this? Read our unedited FB interaction below:
[Me] April – Please do not write on the Zac Efron sites. I love you. But you cannot threaten to send the Marines to get people you do not know. It’s inappropriate.

[April] Forget it is to late sister I am fan of Zac Efron take it or drop it how is working coming along ?

[Me] Sweetie – you can be a fan, but can NOT write inappropriate comments to people you do not know on fan pages. Also, do not forward pictures of him for others to see. Thanks. 

[April] I am going to nore you on my face book forget it sister like it or not I love Zac Efron.

Following her last message I was de-friended. In hindsight I was (a bit) bossy. That’s so unlike me.

It’s amazing how appropriate this action really was – and frankly I’m proud of her. When grown adults I know get angry, break-up with a boyfriend, or are generally annoyed at someone a ‘defriending’ can be quite common. So for April to get fed up with me and give me the boot off of her friend list shows a real savvy for understanding how the site works.

It can be difficult for teens and young adults to know how to navigate social networking sites – just think about how about ‘typcial’ teens and their inappropriate pics and comments can be. Individuals with Down syndrome may have a reputation for being social, but reading the nuances of non-verbal messages is not typically their forte. So when I saw what my sister had done I burst out laughing and told everyone in the office.  I was amazed she even knew how to get rid of me – her very bossy, ‘pain in her side’, sister.

So now, I have to do my part – apologize – and try to become “friends” again. Wish me luck!


  1. Your blog is such an encouragement to those of us just starting on the journey of loving someone with Down syndrome. Thank you!

    Oh, and the defriending was hilarious! 🙂

  2. That is too funny! My daughter loved her MySpace account, I haven’t introduced her to FB.

    • My advice on Facebook – Proceed with caution. I have April’s privace settings restricted quite a bit and still she needs guidance making decisions about friends and applications. It’s a big time committment to manage. I do this because I care deeply about her interests as well as her online safety. Good Luck!

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