Posted by: Jennifer | October 14, 2009

21 for 21 Imitation – The Sincerest Form of …

Flattery or Insanity?

When April was 10 she loved to watch Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap. So much so she wanted to be just like the twins. Unfortunately she dubbed our next door neighbor “Vicky.” For those of you who don’t know the movie Vicky is the evil, gold digging fiance of Mills’ father destined to stop a reunion between her divorced parents.

Reenacting the very elaborate scene where Mills attempts to scare Vicky out of  their lives, April got up at 6 in the morning… Wandered next door to “Vicky’s”… and t-p’d their playroom. She was caught by Vicky’s husband (who also happened to be our family MD) as she was opening the jar of honey needed to lure a bear into the house.

At 20 I was horrified by this behavior and mentally tucked away the following lessons:

  1. Make sure all doors are locked in the house. A kid could get in.
  2. Don’t get on April’s bad side – she holds a wicked grudge and is very creative.
  3. Don’t let your kid watch a video until they have every act and line memorized.
  4. Work hard on establishing reality vs. fantasy from an early age.

At this point in her life we just like to use the story to embarrass her. April would never do something like this now. But if you question number two in my list you haven’t read enough of my posts!

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