Posted by: Susan | October 22, 2009

21 for 21: Make a Difference Day!

Saturday, October 24th is the 19th annual “Make a Difference Day.” In honor of the day, Sam (April’s brother, who also happens to have Down syndrome) made a difference TODAY.  Sycamore Jr. High School made 1,000 sandwiches to feed the homeless today.  Make a Difference DayThat’s right every student and teacher in school was given the opportunity to make a bologna and cheese sandwich.  The school makes 250 sandwiches every week to send downtown.  I volunteer to help with the program and Sam sees me every week with my “glubs” (gloves) on.  He was thrilled that today he got to help too and wear those glubs.

Our kids with disabilities get a lot of things done for them.  We need to teach them to help others.  Jake and
April volunteer at Matthew 25 Ministries.  April has helped prepare food that is sent to Haiti.  Jake takes newspapers to church to put in a large bin in the parking lot.  The Youth Group gets to keep the money from the sale of those papers.

Teach you kids to give!  Go to “Make a Difference Day” and let your kids see the web site.  You and your family can make a difference by giving your old clothes to Good Will, taking old books to the library to put in the “Friends of the Library” bins, holding open doors for other people, or taking canned goods to church for the food pantry.  Talk to your children with Down syndrome about how they are helping others. Teach them to give and volunteer.
– Susan

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