Posted by: Susan | October 25, 2009

21 for 21: Appropriate!?

Today all three of my children, ages 21, 17 and 12 went to Halloween in the Woods.  Was this appropriate given their ages?…

…Well,  I have to tell you I am sick of the word “appropriate.”  It has been used by teachers, therapists, in IEP’s and by me more times than I care to think about.  I was using it just last night at the dinner table. “Jake that is not appropriate” – -blah, blah, blah.

Sometimes kids just want to have fun.  April, Jake and Sam put on all black clothes, tied on their capes, had their hair spiked and grey eyeshadow put all around their eyes.  They put in their fangs and off to the park we went.  Jake and Sam went to each booth to Trick or Treat.  April just walked around and watched because she knows she is too old.  OK, she went to the face painting booth to add glitter blood to her face. Everyone loved having the kids come to their booth.  We had a great time at the park and finished up with a Magic Show.  Was it appropriate given their ages?

I had a ball and the kids had fun.  That is what mattered today.  Loosen up and enjoy life with your kids with Down
syndrome.  Who doesn’t enjoy dressing up in costumes- no matter what the age?3 Vampires

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