Posted by: Jennifer | October 25, 2009

21 for 21: What I like about you! (For April)

Inspired by another blog – here are the Top 10 Things I Like About April (That have nothing to do with DS and in no particular order)

10. Her blonde hair – never ashy or brassy – just gorgeous.

9. Her toenails – seriously! She gets them pedicured all the time and I love the colors she picks

8. Her sense of humor. She gets really giggly at night like I do.Getting ready for the prom

7. Her love of literature. April likes to read – and discuss – just like me.

6. Her determination. When April sets her mind to something, great things happen! (Like her Biggest Loser Challenges)

5. Her easy-going (on most days) personality. April doesn’t need to be entertained; she likes to hang out and talk with the girls.

4. Her love for God – If I had the faith and devotion of my sister I’d be a much better person by now.

3. Her kindness toward my sons. April is a sweet and tender aunt who loves to dole out the kisses.

2. Her crooked pinky. This might be related to DS, but I have the same one.

1. Her ability to give people ridiculous nick-names that stick. Like Snoop Face. (And then call you that in public, in front of your co-workers.)

I love you Sister~ Jenny

PS  – She also donates blood! I could NEVER do this (unless it was life or death). So ANOTHER reason I admire my little sis’


  1. I loved your top 10, I mean 11 things about April. She just read it over my shoulder. I was touched. Love you Snoop Face. Mom

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