Posted by: Susan | October 26, 2009

21 for 21: Sisters

My daughter Jenny has always known what she has wanted. When she was around 8, and maybe before, she knew she wanted a sister. She had two brothers and was feeling outnumbered so she began to pray for a sister. Jim and I had no intention of having more children but lo and behold about a year later I was pregnant. Jenny kept praying that it would be a girl.

With the help of a neighbor, she put on a beautiful shower for me. She even made the invitations. When April was born she was overjoyed – a sister at last. All of our kids saw the darling little blond-haired baby sister, not “the Down syndrome.”

The years rolled by with Jenny taking charge of the baby. Every night, starting when April was 3, Jenny would sneak her into her room to have her sleep in her bed. After many months of this we bought a trundle-bed and moved the girls in together permanently. That girl really knows what she wants.


Jenny and April 1988

When April was around 14 months old we started private speech therapy. Teaching a child with DS sign language was a big thing back in the day. We carried on and April and Jenny and the whole family learned many signs. I took April’s siblings to many, many speech therapy sessions. The boys would usually play but Jenny would watch the sessions through the 2 way mirror.

Fast forward to when she is 14. Jenny tells me she wants to be a speech therapist. Much education later she is! You never know how the children with Down syndrome are going to influence your other children. Jenny wanted a sister, wanted to watch the speech therapy, and finally wanted to be a speech pathologist. Like I said before- that girl knows what she wants!



  1. An adorable picture. Thanks for posting. Susan

  2. Thank you so much to write about me. I love my Mother sorry I yell at you I think is she wonderful mother to gave her heart giving brith when I was a baby Iam so happy having a sister.

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