Posted by: Susan | November 1, 2009

The Chore Lady

I shall ever be known as the “Chore Lady” The name was given to me
by my son Derek when he was a little boy (now 29 years old). Having 6 kids meant that we had lots of chores to keep up the house.

With the youngest three still at home, everyone is expected to help. So this week April, Jacob and Sam, the stars of this blog, did lots of chores- just like every week.

  • April is in charge of all of her own laundry, her room, setting the table, washing dishes, unloading the dishwasher, cleaning the bathroom, and much more.
  • Jake is in charge of washing clothes and folding and putting them away
    in addition to doing most of the vacuuming in the house.
  • Sam is in charge of the upstairs bathroom, emptying trash cans and helping take down the trash on trash day.
  • Everyone helps wash the floors.
  • This week the boys helped rake the leaves and put them in trash cans or the curb.

My point? Our kids with Down syndrome can and should be expected to help at home. We hold them to the same standards as our other kids in this area. I have given up perfection a long ago and am OK with the work the kids do. It may take longer but it gets done. This is inclusion in real life.

Some may ask, “Do your kids complain?” They complain almost the
entire time – so did my older kids, but guess what? You can complain all
you want but there will be no TV, computer, playing in the basement or
fill in the blank of what they like to do until the chores are done.
So I sit in the house with my floors washed, trash emptied, dishwasher
emptied, and clothes folded. Rooms are picked up and beds are made
and I am a happy camper. The kids are playing in the basement and
April is waiting to get on Facebook. The Chore Lady has to get off
the computer. Susan

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