Posted by: Susan | November 14, 2009

Super Sam!

super samYou know that stereotypical child with Down syndrome- loving, easy-going, no energy that just sits around all day?  Nobody like that lives at our house! 

All 3 of our kids with DS have lots of energy. April just left to go work out at the gym-she can walk there.  Jacob is hanging with his “men’s group” playing football and then playing in their band.  And then there is Sam.  The boy has more energy than 2 people combined.  He gets off the bus wound up from school.  What’s a mother to do? 

Today we took a bike ride and I noticed that the rear tire of his bike was low on air making it harder to pedal. (Note to self- let air out of front tire too!) When he got home he listened to music for 10 minutes.  I next had him empty the dryer and carry the heavy clothes basket up 2 flights of stairs.  Now he is watching PBS Kids (my choice not his).  And here’s the thing.  He has only been home for an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If he gets real antsy he can walk up and down the stairs 6 times.  Do you see the method to my madness?  I have to keep the boy moving. 

Tonight I will take Jake to see a play at the high school.  After a nice long walk from the parking lot I will let Sam walk (speed walk) around the very, very big high school.  On the plus side of all this energy he is a star athlete.  Do you have a Super Sam????????????    Susan

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