Posted by: Susan | December 4, 2009

Can people with Down syndrome use cell phones?

Our Socialista!What should I blog about today. Sam and Celiac disease, Jake and sleep apnea, or April and texting? I choose texting!

Does you older child with Down syndrome have a cell phone? Well April does for various reasons. Primarily for safety. She travels on the Metro bus to her work training program and I want her to be able to call me. I also want to be able to get in touch with her. We bought a Trac phone and loaded it with minutes. The first several months she was calling everyone- her brother in Maryland, her brother in North Carolina, her boyfriend, her dad to tattle on me(another blog story) and anyone else she could think of. She would use her cell phone even when she was home. Pretty soon she figured out if you talk a lot you use up all your minutes and your mom will put more on using YOUR money. She casually mentioned someone at school had shown her how to text. You gotta love inclusion.

Fast forward several months. Two nights ago I went in to kiss her good night. She looked like she was sleeping except for a weird glow under her covers. Yep, she was texting a friend from school. April even complained to her Dad the next morning that she was tired from staying up late and texting. Am I upset???? Nope. Another life skill learned. Will I limit how much she texts? You bet. Pretty soon she will figure out that texting uses minutes too and it is back to HER bank account to buy more. Oh yes, I will confiscate the phone at night too. That is the kind of sweet mother I am.

Your mom from Cincinnati, Susan


  1. Fantastic affair, did not think this would be so interesting when I read the url!

  2. Funny story. I smiled when reading it.
    I have a Downs boy of 12 and he wants a phone. I’m not sure I should get him one. I would like to get him a phone that can only call a few numbers, mainly his mom and me, so that I don;t have to pay for calls to China. Is there a phone you recommend or know about? He asks all of the time when he is getting a phone. His twin sister, not Downs, has one and it drives him crazy to not have one.


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