Posted by: Susan | December 20, 2009

Waiting for Christmas – Visual Help for Children with Down syndrome

Sam has no concept for the passing of time. Everything is next week.
To help him get the flow of days we have started doing a calendar at home. To save my sanity we do the famous paper chain to show the
passing of time. Writing the numbers on the calendar and counting how
many days until the big day does not make it.

We started the tradition by making a paper chain while waiting for vacation. You know the drill from school –  Cut paper strips and tape together , one for each day totalling the amount of time you are waiting to pass.

For Christmas we used pictures from Christmas magazine covers and
catalogs. The chain hung to the floor when we started. Sam tears off a
link daily. See how close we are now!

To reinforce the “day” concept Sam also puts a sticker on the
calendar. His big brother Jake helps with the calendar. Doing,
not just reading a ready-made calendar, seems to help.

We’re almost there! Susan

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