Posted by: Susan | June 17, 2010

A little appreciation here please!

My Handsome Guy

Today when April and I met with a woman to take a possible class she was asked to tell a little about herself.  She talked about her 4 brothers and sister.  Then she added, “My father is an over protective, overbearing freak!”  Say what?  I knew this had to come from some movie.  I was right.  She informed me it was from the College Road Trip.  All 3 of our kids with Down syndrome seem to have an uncanny ability to remember lines from movies.  She inserted that line into a place that made sense.  It was just the wrong information.  Jim is a caring, helpful dad that wants only the best for April.  The woman is used to working with people with disabilities and didn’t even bat an eye.  She just asked her to explain herself.  Lots of back pedaling by April.  April wants what all 22 years old want.  To move OUT.  We are headed in that direction me, April, and the freak(sorry honey just too funny).

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