Posted by: Susan | June 20, 2010

Father’s Day

Here is the guy who I have been hanging around with for 32 years.  Who would have thought we would end up having 6 kids!  Jim is an awesome father that our older kids seek out for advice on a weekly basis.  He serves his family with love and understanding.  Jim welcomed each child with open arms.  When our 4th child April was born with Down syndrome he was my rock.  Through adoption we added Jake and Sam (both with DS).  Jim is right there being a loving father to both of them.  I am the organizer.  He is the fun guy.  I am the early bird.  He is the night owl.  I am the spur of the moment.  He is the planner.  Just what I need in a husband and a father for our kids.  Happy Father’s Day to an awesome dad.

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