Posted by: Susan | June 22, 2010

Sammy boy

Sam and I have been together all day.  He has gone with me to take and pick up Jake from camp.  Gone with me to get April an updated state ID.  Gone with me to the bank and checked out the vault.  Hung out while Jake and I had a session with CITE services to work on becoming more independent with Jake’s diabetes.  Ridden with me in the car to drop off April at Starfire(Taking care of horses).  Gone swimming with his brother for about 1 1/2 hours and then watched Wipe Out on TV.  He is now chasing a moth around the family room swinging a pillow with both hands trying to kill it.  Not to worry I rescued it and put it back outside!  Now you know why we call him the energizer bunny.  Thank goodness he sleeps well.  Oh yes, forgot to mention that I read him 2 books and he read me one.  And at 7 AM he was riding his scooter and then running up and down the sidewalk in his pajamas as Jim and I sat outside to have coffee………………………………..

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