Posted by: Susan | August 8, 2010

Back to School

Some pictures of summer and then on to reality SCHOOL!  A quick post about how we get ready for the start of school.  Shop at home first.  After going through 2 closets I have found 8 backpacks so far.  I will let the boys chose the one they want to use.  Next I will put in one notebook(not necessarily new-we have lots of partially used notebooks) and one or two pencils.  That’s it.  I don’t stress over the lists that are posted of things we have to bring to school.  Remember my boys are going into 8th and 11th grade.  They will have up to 7 teachers each and requests for supplies will be sent home.  I allow myself one or two weeks to send everything in.  The teachers are swamped with supplies the first several days.  One thing I never get is two-inch binders, even when they are requested.  They are too big for the back packs.  I go with 1 1/2 inch binder and call it good enough.  These binders last all year even if I have to tape them up with masking tape.  The other thing I have done is  gone through the boys drawers and my drawers and anywhere else I can think school supplies might turn up.  I have found lots of pencils, pens, paper, scissors and more.  The only thing I might have to buy is several glue sticks-maybe.  Use what you have, shop at home first and relax.  It’s only the first day of school.  Next post dressing for school!

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