Posted by: Susan | August 9, 2010

A day in our life.

Today started early as usual.  I got up around 5 AM and enjoyed the quietness of the morning.  By 7:15 Jim, Sam and I were walking the dog in the park while April and Jake slept.  Back from the park everyone got up and got ready for the day.  April works at Kings Island today.  Jake and Sam did this.



While I packed a gluten free lunch for Sam(Celiac disease) and a lunch with at least 60 carbohydrates for Jake(diabetic) and a lunch for me!  I threw my camera and insulin in my back pack and we were off to here.  Where we saw an awesome exhibit on THE FUTURE OF WATER.  It is only there until August 15th so take your kids this week if you can.  Pick up a Join the Water Patrol booklet as you go in the exhibit for kids to stamp at each station.  The boys took turns reading  the information at each station and then they stamped their booklets-very cool.  Did I mention that the Krohn is FREE?

On to the waterfall!

Followed by very scary sight.                                         

We then decided to hike the hill across the street because it was only about 85 degrees and I am an idiot!  After that on to a park for that packed lunch.  I am now back home, it is only 12:30 and it is way too quiet in my house.  Where are those boys?                                                                              

I am off to take a back pack out of the washing machine.  Until next time…………..

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