Posted by: Susan | August 10, 2010

Quiet Time

I get up early and so does Sam.  Today was crammed full of things to accomplish, places to go and heat-lots of heat.  Around 2 PM, after the boys had been swimming, we had quiet time.  I started this years ago when I needed a break.  Everyone goes to their room and, you guessed it, is quiet.  Children that you know this won’t work for lay down with Mom or Dad.  Today April and Jake listened to their Ipod/Mp3 player and wrote while Mom and Sam and Max(the dog) passed out on my bed.  Sam actually slept for over an hour.  I on the other hand had the dog snuggling against my back like it was the dead of winter and he was trying to get warm.  At least it was quiet. 

  Back to reality.  Time to make dinner and listen to the annoying music on the latest Wii game.  Quiet time anyone?

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