Posted by: Susan | August 11, 2010

Back to school-No velcro shoes!

Don’t even think about sending your child with Down syndrome to school with shoes that have those 2 ugly velcro bands!  I am talking about kids in the 4th grade and up.  Appearance does matter, especially with our kids.  I have been checking out all the ads in the paper and online to see what the most popular styles are for clothes and shoes.  I am not going to rush out and buy everything new.  I am going for current, not a look from the past.  That being said you can never go wrong with jeans and the current t-shirts with the school’s logo.  Cargo shorts for boys or skirts with leggings for girls.  April has always had a belly so many times we have had to look for elastic waist bands.  Make sure these are worn with shirts left out.  Boys can always wear athletic shorts but please at least to the knees or longer.  There are lots of Vans(type of shoes) being shown for boys and girls (by this I mean through high school aged kids).  Vans are expensive but there are many knock off brands.  Here’s what we snagged for Sam today.  As soon as he put the black Van type shoes on he declared they were Justin Bieber shoes and began to sing and dance ala Justin. 

I know I even have the dreaded shoe laces in the other pair.  What to do.  Tie your kid’s shoes in the morning, alert teacher at the beginning of the year to have your child practice at school with an aide, put it in their IEP, practice at home , ask for Occupational therapy at school, all of the above or learn the fine art of pre-tying the shoes and then having said child slip them on.  I will be asking my 14 year old neighbor to show me how he pre-ties his shoes.  Also Google “how to tie shoes” for lots of web sites that will help.

I checked out Land’s End Kids on-line and found several gym type shoes that have elastic no tie shoe laces.  Ditto for Stride Rite.  Remember my boys are 13 and 18 but they still wear a kids size 5 and 6.  We found Sam and Jake’s shoes at Payless on a buy one get one off Sale.  Four pairs for $63.  Remember NO MORE VELCRO.

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