Posted by: Susan | August 13, 2010

Siblings of children with Down syndrome

When you have a child with special needs you really do get a little bit tired of being told how “special” your child/children are.  Now imagine what it is like for their siblings.  In the real world of family life those same sibs are just part of the group.  There is sibling rivalry going on all the time as they are growing up. 

The dynamics in our family go like this.  First 3 kids-girl, boy, boy. 

Second three kids-girl, boy, boy.

And it goes like this in our house.  Alpha girl bosses younger brothers in both groups.  Older sister and brother(in both groups) try to exclude younger brother creating many interesting days and lots of NOISE.  All sibs, while  living at, home fight for the front seat of the car.  Everyone complains when there are chores to do.  Third child and fourth child constantly race each other to get into the house even though he is a track star.  Fourth child wins many times.  Sisters fight-AKA-you can’t tell me what to do.  Lots of dynamics among the group.  Older kids telling younger kids to “knock it off, watch your weight, stop posting so much about Edward(Twilight) and generally trying to keep them in line.  Younger siblings doing exactly what they want and ignoring advice from older sibs.  In other words a NORMAL family.  I love that fact that no one is “special” at home.  Everyone and everything is fair game.  The older kids, of course all on their own now, taught the younger ones many, many things.  The younger kids taught them empathy for others.  And so it continues with our unique but normal family.

Now, who gets to sit in the front seat this times?


  1. Duh….I get the front seat!! 🙂 Great post!

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