Posted by: Susan | August 13, 2010

Twilight book series and my daughter with Down syndrome

I thought for sure no one in my family would be reading the Twilight series.  I am not into vampires but some how April found out about them and wanted to read the books.  She has Facebook and is constantly checking it and the website of the Biggest Loser.  I think maybe she saw the ads for the movie there.  Her friends were also talking about the movie.  I said she could see the first movie after she had  read the book first, thinking to myself it would never happen.  The girl is determined.  She took her library card and put the book on hold!   Several weeks later she picked up the book and read it.  The book is huge and she read it.  I should have taken a picture of her reading but I didn’t so enjoy this one instead.  Anyway she finished that book and I rented the movie and watched it with her-no boys allowed!  Classic chick flick done with vampires.  Edward how many times can you hold your head to the side and look at Bella while wearing way too much white make-up?  Now she was hooked and wanted to read the next book and I said yes.  Many weeks later she had finished book 2 and that movie was being shown in the theaters.  I tricked her Dad into going.  He was the only man in the theater.  He came home and told me he had just lost two hours of his life!  You know what happened next.  Yep, book 3.  She begins the count down for the movie on her Facebook.  She posts way too many things about Edward.  She loves Team Edward and hates Team Jacob.  She even wants to camp out for the movie and go to the 12:01 AM showing so she can be the first one to see it!  That didn’t happen.  April and her friend Liz went the next day.   She has finished book 4, which is being made into 2 movies.  I asked her how she read those 4 huge books.  “Easy Mom, I just left out the hard words!”  I get it April.  I am reading a book about World War II with very hard to read German names and some hard words and guess what- I just leave out the hard words.  Go Team Edward.


  1. I remember right after Violette was born crying in my bathroom over a terrible Stephen King book I had been reading, thinking that Violette would never be able to enjoy a book like that! That April is reading the Twilight series gives me such great hope! Go Team April!

    • You will be amazed at what Violette will do Susan

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