Posted by: Susan | August 16, 2010

Inclusion Wii style

The big kids got the little kids in our family a Wii game for Christmas and it has been a great tool to use for many reasons.  If you want your kids included with the neighborhood kids- boys especially- just rent a recently released Wii game.  I know nothing about how to play the games nor do I care to learn.  We rented Harry Potter Wii and I realized that I needed to bring in an expert to help the boys.  I called our 14 year old neighbor Nathan and he was more than willing to teach the boys how to play and stay to play with them.  This also happened when I rented a Football Wii game and the most annoying game ever that had to do with off road racing.  Nathan, or another neighbor Jacob, were more than happy to come over and help!

I love this unintentional inclusion.  Just find something fun that all kids would like to do and then invite a neighbor over to teach it to your kids.  I used to this with April (making bracelets and necklaces with neighborhood girls).  Ten days to go before school starts.  We will rent a new Wii game tomorrow and what fun the boys will have.                                                                              

Tomorrow- April looks for a job post.

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