Posted by: Susan | August 17, 2010

Transition is hard for me too!

Everyone is going back to school next week but not April. She’s done.  April is 22 and done with public school.  All I know about IEP’s, schedules, dances,  inclusion, clubs and sports in high school are not necessary any more.   OK, I still have the boys but you get the picture.  April is now off to the world of full time work.  How did she go from a darling baby to and adult so quickly?  Transition is hard for ME.  I don’t like change that much.  All the IEP’s revolve around transition for our kids but what about us?  Sniff, sniff.  And now for a look back.


Graduation sign pick up.

Graduation party with friend Drew

April accepts diploma.  She walked in 2008 and did 2 more years of Launch and Project Search-transition to work programs.

Forgot this Prom picture

Graduation from Project Search

April with Job Placement Counselor

April has an interview tonight at a pre-school.  Her dream job.  Her words not mine.  And I am so proud of her but did I mention that transition is hard-FOR ME!

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