Posted by: Susan | August 19, 2010

Get on those bikes and go!

I was determined that the boys would keep riding their bikes.  When April was about 10 years old she couldn’t ride any longer because the training wheels wouldn’t support her weight.  That form of awesome exercise was no longer available for her.  The same thing started happening to the boys before I discovered Fat Wheels!  These larger than normal training wheels hold riders up to, and including, an adult rider’s weight.   I got them for both boys and we happily rode for several years.  This summer we did a Lose the Training Wheels camp  and both boys learned to ride without the training wheels.  The camp is for 5 days an hour and fifteen minutes a day.  They now look like all the other kids in the neighborhood when they ride.

The point of my story is this.  Whatever it takes keep riding.  I would rather use super training wheels than not have the kids ride.  If I needed to I would have bought adult 3 wheel bikes to keep them moving.  I ride with the boys and even take them for a ride when they say they don’t want to go!  Of course they would rather play video games, but I know they need the exercise (me too).  If you live in the Cincinnati area check out the Trek  Bicycle Store   They offer a free bicycle maintenance class on Aug. 21 and 28th at 10:30 AM. They show you how to fix a flat, oil the chain, adjust the brakes and other things.  I took Sam’s bike in for a flat tire repair and loved the service I got!  Tell the manager Nick that Susan sent you. Fix up those bikes. If needed get those Fat Wheels.  See if there is a Lose the Training Wheel camp near you this year.  If not this year next year.   It’s time to get out there and ride.

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