Posted by: Susan | August 20, 2010

Hey Teachers – Sam has Celiac Disease! Back to school- part3

A quick post today because April is sick with a cold and sore throat.  The boys start school next week and I want to make sure everyone knows that Sam has Celiac disease.  My best friend Mary, a computer guru, designed the “Sam” page for me.  I will take it to the school and have it placed in all of his teachers’ mailboxes.  It will put a face with a name and alert the teachers what not to give Sam.  Celiac is a crazy disease because gluten is in everything including some glues, paints, paper mache, and the list goes on.  Food is the biggy.  I also give a copy to the manager of the cafeteria.  She worked with me last year reading all the ingredients in the food that was served to make sure Sam didn’t get any gluten.  Surprise, sometimes it is even sprayed on french fries.  Wheat free doesn’t mean gluten free because rye and barley contain gluten and are sometimes substituted for wheat flour.  I will make something similar for Jake and his diabetes.  The nurses are great about letting the teachers know about  my boys.  The hand out can be used for a quick reference guide.  Click on Sam’s pictures for details.


  1. Great job doing the blog! I thought I might recommend a few Gluten free items to you. “I have had Celiac Disease most of my life” Of course while Sam is at school my recommendations won’t be of much help. Unos has great Gluten Free Pizza. Best bread for me is Kinnikinnick Cheese Tapioca Rice Bread. “Freeze and microwave for 60seconds for 2 slices. Makes the best grilled cheese in the world along with great french toast” Corn Chex from General Mill is good. Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour for cooking. Also, Arrowhead Mills organic yellow corn meal for cooking. Oats are ok for most Celiac patients if they are from dedicated oat growing flieds and processing plants. Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Rolled Oats are 100% Gluten Free. But, a very small percentage of those with Celiac Disease may not tolarate any type of oats.

    Jim got a taste of Connie’s celiac cooking when he spent the night with us in West Virginia. We wish Sam the best of luck. It is extremely hard eating out anywhere with Celiac Disease.

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