Posted by: Susan | August 21, 2010

Exercise for kids with Down syndrome

We met our friends at the park on Thursday.  Lizzie, Jake’s very good friend and buddy, and her mom Karen were the first people that we got to know when we moved here.  Karen told me about all the opportunities  in Cincinnati for our kids with DS.  We love this park because it involves a nice uphill walk from the parking lot and has great equipment for older children.                                                                 

I am a firm believer in lots of exercise for our kids.  We go to parks and school playgrounds. We go  bowling, swimming, bike riding and walking.  Including friends makes it more fun but many times it is just us.  That us can include April or just the boys.  April can walk up to the Blue Ash recreation center,, to work out.   I feel strongly that exercise is good for my kids physically and mentally.  Check out the upper body strength of both boys.

Sam also came up with a way to get the zip line handle back up to the starting platform.  Before that a tall person, me, had to grab it and take it back because the kids couldn’t do it. 

 Notice the stick Sam is using.  How come I never thought of that?


I just heard Sam jump or fall out of bed.  I am off to get the boys up.  Today we go to Starfire,, to do some volunteer work and then we will come back home and go swimming.  Have a great weekend and don’t forget to keep your kids moving!

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