Posted by: Susan | August 23, 2010

Happy Meal, Happy Sam – feeding my boy with Celiac disease

This has got to be a fast post because Hannah Montana comes on soon and we can’t miss it.  April has already informed us that the show is a salute to the military so we must watch.  Here is my salute to the military.

Big brother is a Captain in the Marine Corp and Jim(hubby) was also in the Marine Corp.

Where was I?  Oh yes- Happy Meal or in this case, Mighty Kids Meal.

Sam was very surprised when I brought this home.  When you order for a child that has Celiac disease you go in with a big smile on your face.  “Hi, I would like a Mighty Kids Meal please.  I would like the double cheese burger without the cheese or bun.  My son can’t eat wheat and the patties can’t even touch a bun.  Oh, and would you please have the person serving change their plastic gloves so the wheat from the gloves doesn’t get on the burgers.  He will also have milk and fries.  Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much.”  Lots of talking back and forth to the cook, a change of gloves and out come 2 burgers no bun! Sam was thrilled with his surprise.  I don’t go into lots of details about Celiac disease when I order.  I just say he is allergic to wheat.  Really it is a sensitivity to all gluten.  The gluten damages the villi in the intestine.  See, too much information to explain while ordering.  Check this out to find out more. or here is one of my favorite sites 

Before I picked up the Happy Meal I took Jake to Youth Group.  On the way there he read two books out loud on the Food Pyramid.  The first one was on vegetables, where I learned we need 5 servings of veggies daily.  That’s 5 1/2 cup servings!  Now I am feeling guilty about the above meal and trying to figure out how I can stuff that many vegetables in my kids.   He then happily read to me about the milk group followed up by a book on Saturn!  These were all books he picked out at the libray.  Tuesday’s post will be on reading, unit studies and extending what you learn from children’s books by using the computer.  The hint is in the picture of Sam and the question of the day is- The space shuttle  Challenger was named after what famous British ship?  The things I learn from children’s book.  Stay tuned.


  1. Be very careful of their fries! They normally are not prepared in a dedicated fryer at every location from what I have been told. Most managers will say they are but the employees end up fixing the chicken “battered” in the same fryers during different work shifts. Corporate will not guarantee their fries as being gluten free unless they have changed there policy recently. I hope they have made some changes because I would love to have some fries besides what we fix at home.

    • Thanks Roger for the tip. I am posting a picture of Jim on my blog today.

  2. Great picture of my favorite Marine officer with the weiner dog and kids. I checked out the Big M’s web page today and it has listed under Food/Snacks and Sides/French Fries: Fries – Conola Oil, hydrocenated soybean oil, natural beef flavor (wheat & milk derivatives) Allergen Statement in all Caps… Contains: Wheat & Milk. Natural beef flavor contains hydrolyzed wheat and hydrolyzed milk as starting incredients. Some think they are gluten free because local’s like the one here where I live will say they use only dedicated fryers. Even if they didn’t use hydrolyzed wheat all different fryers are right next to each other. Almost no way the dedicated fryers could stay gluten free.

    Some in our celiac group have said they have good luck with the Chick-Fila waffle fries! Plus the fries at Five Guys Burgers & Fries seem to be ok. I have had both of these and had no issues after eating them. Can’t say that about the Big M’s. I don’t have bad pain but I do have some pain after eating Big M’s fries.

    • OK no more fries at McD’s.

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