Posted by: Susan | August 30, 2010

Starbucks, a life skill for teens with Down syndrome and nirvana for me!

OK, I just realized a very important life skill I haven’t taught my boys.   My kids need to learn to order this for me.  Starbucks closes 600 storesIt will help them work on their speech.  “OK Jake, you spell the kind of coffee drink mom wants m-i-s-t-o, but you say it Me Sto.   Money concepts, “Take this $5 to pay and leave a tip in the tip jar.”  Socialization, “Don’t forget to say please and thank you.”   Reading skills, “Just read what I have on the card.  I would like a tall misto (Me Sto) with a sleeve please.”   It definitely is an inclusion project.  Who doesn’t feel included at Starbucks?  They will gain independence by having me wait in the car while they go in and order.  I will start sending them in one by one.  April acquired this “life skill” while we were living in Gainesville, FL but the boys really need to practice.

Jake ready to order.  Notice the ordering card in his hand.

Reading skills.

Money concept. Waiting for change.

Social skill, learning to wait.

Another life skill learned!  OK, maybe not the most important skill but I sure like teaching it.

“Hey guys,  who wants to go to Starbucks?  Mommy needs her coffee-NOW.”


  1. If you’re kids need any practice, I’ll be happy to let them order Starbucks for ME, too!!!! 🙂 Jake looks so cute learning lifeskills – I wonder if I look that cute at the Starbucks counter….probably not.

  2. Oh my–you are too funny. I LOVE THIS!

    • You can go with me to Starbucks. It is Sam’s time to practice!

  3. Hi. Missy at Yo Mamma Mamma blog told me about your blog. So I’m stopping in to say hi.
    This post just made me think 12 or 13 years down the road, I’ll probably teach Matthew to get me some Starbucks too! hahaha!

    • I hope you enjoy the blog and a peek at the future. Susan

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