Posted by: Susan | August 31, 2010

Transition: April anecdotes but where’s April?

Where have the pictures been of darling April?  OK, here they come.  First it is really strange having her here all day.  Kings Island, where she works in admissions, is closed during the week now.  Starting next week she will work only on Saturdays through Oct. 30th.  Today we went to our favorite store, Trader Joe’s, where she helped me shop and then put everything away.  She leaves at 1 PM to go job hunting with her ‘Employment Specialist’.  Yesterday she walked to Blockbuster.  This is a 2 mile round trip from our house and I was thrilled that she would be getting exercise.  She came home with 2 movies and this.

Yep, more Twilight stuff.

My instructions before she left, “April don’t rent any Twilight movies or buy any more Twilight stuff.”  She came home with that huge poster for $29.99.  She carried it home for a mile in the heat.  When I asked her if she remembered what I said she told me, ” I thought you said don’t buy any Twilight movies.”  Selective hearing at it’s best.  Another favorite line, “It’s my decision.”  Oh my, an adult with an opinion, an agenda, and her own money that she earned!  Well, I have raised her to be independent.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when she is.

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