Posted by: Susan | September 1, 2010

Serving Others

I’ve mentioned it before.  Our kids should learn to serve others.  Once they reach around 11 years old start looking for opportunities for them to volunteer or serve.  Jake had an opportunity this past weekend to go with his Youth Group to downtown Cincinnati.  The youth collected socks for several Sundays from the congregation.  On Sunday they took the socks and 3 backpacks filled with sandwiches downtown.  The group was going to hand out socks and sandwiches to the homeless.  They were not going to a homeless shelter but just looking for people living on the streets.

Here Jake is with his friend Emily waiting to go.

Some of the youth and volunteers.  No Sam didn’t go he is just in the picture.

Jacob with more friends and crazy Jim (Dad).   

  All though they had fun together this was serious stuff.  The group parked downtown and walked miles passing out socks, sandwiches and they would also ask if the person would like prayer.  One man didn’t want socks or prayer but did want the sandwiches.  He cried when he was given 2 sandwiches.

This was sobering stuff the youth was doing.  A reality check to our kids that are so privileged.  One man was thrilled to get socks because he has diabetes.  Jim told him Jake did too and they were able to relate over a mutually shared disease.  Diabetics can have trouble with their feet and the socks would protect the man’s feet  inside of his shoes.  He was given 2 pairs of socks and was thrilled.  Many more stories that day and Jake got to be a part of helping others.  I am so proud of him and the entire youth group!


  1. Cold chills—powerful!

    • Thank you Andi for reading and always encouraging me!

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