Posted by: Susan | September 2, 2010

Twilight toes and the post office-more life skills.

Yes, getting a pedicure is a life skill if you’re a girl!  April has been getting them for years.  We always go to the same place and they all know her by name.  I don’t stay.  She doesn’t want me to.  She picks out the color and because she works and has money she had-T-E-A-M  E-D-W-A-R-D airbrushed on her toes.

On the way to pick  up April  Sam and I stopped at the post office where he bought stamps for me and mailed letters.

We use local businesses so the kids will be familiar with them and the people that own the business know the  kids.  When they are old enough and trustworthy enough we allow them to walk those places.  Get your kids out in the community to make friends with the people there.  You know you are taking them out enough if the business owner calls them by name when you go in.  Ignore the fact that the ladies at the bakery know my name. I am really not in the bakery that often.  Have a great Thursday.


  1. Nice site, you know after 4 years of studies I guess I have to admit I was wrong about this. Thanks for opening my eyes!

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