Posted by: Susan | September 6, 2010

Beggin and Barkin Bash

We have had a full Labor Day Weekend.  On Friday Sam and I rode our bikes to the park and watched them set up for the Beggin and Barkin Bash.  Think Purina Beggin Strips meets the bacon cook off and eating contest (for people).  We met the people setting up the dog Agility Course.  The next day before the show started we were able to go over and say hi again.  They remembered us and had the boys do tricks with a dog.  Lots of neighbors, bacon, free samples for dogs and people, music and fun.  Enjoy the pictures.  Scroll over each picture for a caption.


Remember my mantra for our kids with Down syndrome – Get out in the community, build relationships, exercise and learn something new everyday.  Coming up this week – Birthday Bash, Off to Kings Island, Mutts at the Movies, Special Education and books.  Have a great Monday.


  1. This is a FABULOUS post and a great/perfect reminder for ‘some of us’ (not me, of course) to get off the sofa and into life. Thanks for the nudge, BF!

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