Posted by: Susan | September 7, 2010

The Good, the bad, and the ugly!

Monday night was a perfect night to take the kids to see the Blue Ash Symphony at the  town square.  What a delightful way to end a great Labor Day weekend.  Ok, April had worked all day at Kings Island and didn’t want to go.  Jim had something going on at church.  The boys just wanted to stay home and play a Lego Indiana Jones Wii game until their eyeballs fell out.  I was having none of it because by golly – I want to go to the concert.  After a good-bye to Dad and an early dinner we/I packed up a cooler of drinks and snacks.  Heaven forbid if we go 2 hours without these necessities.  Everyone grabbed a folding chair and away we went.  First I took pictures of the kids at the Veteran’s Memorial.   This was the good part.  Look at these darling children.  I took a picture of  April at the bell tower and told the boys to go back and sit down.  When I turned around, Houdini, I mean Sam was gone.  There were about 500 people in the crowd and I told myself not to hyperventilate.  I saw several people who I knew and asked them to be on the lookout for Sam.  I actually remembered what he was wearing.  After 10 minutes of not quite frantic searching I found him. That’s the bad part and now it gets ugly!  When Sam gets hot he starts to itch and we were sitting in the sun.  He scratched, rubbed his face, rubbed his back on his chair and moved continuously for 2 hours!  Jacob and April were sitting next to each other (never again) and teased each other throughout the performance.  Conversations went something like this.  ” Sam put some ice on your itchy spots.  Isn’t the violin soloist amazing?  Jake knock it off.  That composer is the same one who wrote the Nutcracker.  April sit like a lady.  These next 3 songs are from a new opera.  Listen to the beautiful opera children.   Jake leave your sister alone.  Sam stop moving.”  The last song was the 1812 overture and they played the bells in the bell tower along with the orchestra.  Inspiring!  By the time we left, the ugly (me), was hanging on by her finger nails.  Needless to say we went home and everyone went to bed including the ugly.  Things are better today.  Yes.


  1. YOU are inspiring! You went, you conquered…

    • Barely conquered.

  2. These kids are so cute….I can’t imagine there was ANY ugly going on, unless it was YOU being so grouchy!!! LOL

    • It was me!

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