Posted by: Susan | September 10, 2010

What I learned during labor.

While getting ready for dance class we had the usual bickering and name calling.  You know, all about who is going to sit where in the car and do what when we get there.  Then of course there is the shoe search for Sam that seems to happen daily no matter how many pairs of shoes he has.  I found myself using a skill I used many, many years ago.  Thirty two years ago when I was getting ready to deliver our first child I was all about having a “natural” birth.  I read books, took classes and learned how to breathe.  I learned the Lamaze  deep breathing exercises for pain management.  How appropriate to use again because sometimes my kids are a pain that need to be managed.  I found myself tonight using those same exercises.  First deep breathing, so I wouldn’t lose it and then little huffy breaths (used during transition in labor) to get the kids in the car (another type of transition).  I am writing this in jest but there is truth in there somewhere.  Focusing on your breathing can help get your emotions under control.  I need to remember that and do it more often. 

My final thought.  Natural child-birth sucks.  Give me the drugs!


  1. Sometimes you need drugs just to be a mom…well, maybe a margarita & Pepcid AC!!!

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