Posted by: Susan | September 13, 2010

Living the Technicolor life or Move over Lady Gaga

I read today that the Video Music Awards were on TV last night.  That’s nice if you want to watch people you don’t know get awards.  Of course Lady Gaga is always ‘out there’ with whatever she happens to be wearing.  She is living life in Technicolor.  I prefer to live the Technicolor life doing real things like going to the Buddy Walk this past weekend in Cincinnati.  It was truly amazing.  My kids have taught me how to live life in a BIG way.  The Walk is inspiring because of all the people who are there celebrating a family member or friend that happens to have Down syndrome.  Someone said- “Why would anyone want to celebrate Down syndrome?”  A wise woman replied, “We are celebrating the person who has Down syndrome!  I would add, and is living an extraordinary life in Technicolor.  As a whole most of us are just plain stuffy.  Not our kids with DS.  They enjoy life and teach us how to enjoy it too.

My sister Martha and her boyfriend Steve came from Oregon for a visit this weekend.  Martha has seen the kids over the years at weddings but has never spent extended time with our family.  Steve has never met them.  His first comment, after several days with our family, was how normal our life and kids are.  There is of course sibling rivalry going on, back talk, and general squabbling at our house 24/7.   The kids are involved in life and doing teenager things.  This was the first eye opener for Steve.  Then when we went to the Buddy Walk and he saw the thousands of people participating and having fun and being nice to each other he was truly amazed and inspired.  He said it was life changing.  How many lives were changed because of the Buddy Walk?  It was something I hadn’t even thought about.  People who went along to support the families that have a child with DS being changed because of what they saw.  The sheer joy of it all.  How many families that have a new baby with Down syndrome, and I saw many of them, experiened a change in their thought process that day?  Yes, it was about raising money and awareness but it was really about living the Technicolor life.  Our kids with DS weren’t changed that day- we were.    BTW, Sam loves Lady Gaga!


  1. AMEN! Live life in Technicolor…I love that!

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