Posted by: Susan | September 15, 2010

Trader Joes’s and Wedding Shows

It started as an ordinary shopping trip.  I needed to go to my favorite grocery store and April joined me.  When we got to TJ’s I was excited by the beautiful display of pumpkins and mums outside of the store.  Fall was here!  Pumpkins for only $3.49.  It doesn’t take much to excite me as you can see.  April on the other hand saw one thing – David’s Bridal.  They are right next to each other and share a parking lot.  “Mom can I go in and look at the dresses?” she asked.  I replied, “Go check out the window and meet me inside.”  I enjoyed my shopping trip looking and eating all the free samples.  By aisle 2 I knew she had gone into David’s Bridal.   By checkout I knew that she was not coming to shop with me and I would be going into David’s Bridal too.  After stashing the groceries I entered the fairy tale world of a bridal boutique.  White, and sparkles and shoes and veils and above all atmosphere.  It made me wish I could buy a wedding gown!  April was nowhere to be found but in my heart of hearts I knew where she was.  Yep, she was in a dressing room.  When you are an articulate young woman, who happens to have Down syndrome, you know what to say.  She told Tami, her wedding helper, she was getting married June 26th.  April had picked out 3 beautiful dresses to try on.  I loved the choices but she is NOT getting married June 26th!  I found her in the dressing room with a slip on trying to put on a long strapless bra.   “April, my darling, why are you trying on wedding gowns?” I sweetly asked.  OK, that last sentence is a lie.  I only added that to make myself seem nice.  You can do that with a blog.  Maybe I wasn’t quite that sweet.  Back to the story.  Her response, “I am doing it for the blog.”   I admit sometimes I tell the kids I want to take their picture for the blog.  She did not get to try on those beautiful dresses.  After all I had frozen food melting in the car.  On the way home she told me she had goals.  Her goals are to move out of the house, get a job, and get married!   She said her brother and sister are married why shouldn’t she get married.  I agree April.  We raise our kids to be independent  so why shouldn’t she get married?  Not yet April, but maybe in 5 years or so.  Let’s work on that job and moving out first.

I got one of these on the shopping trip.  April got this picture and an adventure at David’s Bridal.  Which one of us had the best time?  You decide.


  1. I’m thinking those pumpkins look like more fun than trying on wedding dresses in the summer – but hey, I’m not 22, single, and getting more independent by the day, either! You go, April!!!! When I was 22, pumpkins didn’t exist and wedding dresses were what dreams are woven of.

    Next time, BF, why don’t YOU try on a few wedding dresses and get your girl-thing going strong? LOL

    • Sounds like a plan.

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