Posted by: Susan | September 16, 2010

Life Changers  If you want to change your life for the better click and watch this movie that is less than 3 minutes.  It will make you think, challenge you to be a better person and help you realize that we can all be life changers.

Even the ordinary is fun when we are tuned in to the possibilities around us.  Below is our trip to BlockBuster Video.

The boys only made it this far, just inside the door, until they stopped in their tracks.  Action movie, oh yeah baby.

April made it this far and then found this and had to try it on.

Sam wanted his picture taken with this poster to annoy April who is of course Team Edward.

April and Jake refused to watch Sam get his picture taken with the other guy poster.

Put the hats back.  We are out of here…………………………….       STOP!  Go back to the top and watch that movie.

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