Posted by: Susan | September 20, 2010

LOST…..Not the TV show.

Today I had great plans but I got lost.  After dropping April off, where she catches a ride to Kings Island, I was headed out to Henry’s (the grandson) soccer game.It was a beautiful fall day.  I was prepared because I had my packed bag of snacks, portable chairs, and directions printed from Mapquest.  Pete (terrific son-in-law) had given me an idea of where the field was located.  I was a little concerned because when I Googled the location of the Swim Club, the soccer fields are located behind the club, it only listed a without a street address.  No problem, I just entered the zip code and I knew I would be close.  For you people who have a GPS in your car or on your phone and are snickering remember- NO STREET ADDRESS!  Driving through the scenic country side I had an inkling where I was going.  Things looked familiar and I admit I was a little smug.  My motto is,  “I have a map and a mouth and I know how to use them”.  I came to an intersection and guess what?  The directions weren’t clear.  It says turn right but Route 126 goes straight and it also said follow 126.  Plowing ahead with abandon it took about 5 minutes before I realized I didn’t have a clue where I was.  Pulling over I checked my directions and my book of maps I always carry with me because I have a map and a blah, blah, blah.  Ok ,I thought, I will drive a little farther and look for landmarks.  Entering a very tiny village I stopped at an auto repair shop (not kidding something out of the 50’s and remember I lived through the 50’s) to ask directions.  My daughter called at that exact moment and I said I would call her back because I was entering the ‘unknown’, the garage, to ask  a local for directions.  A lovely  man was more than happy to point out the way and write out the directions.  I now had 3 sets of directions, my maps, directions from Pete and Jenny called back again to give me more directions.   BTW I was still lost.  I was driving down roads I had never seen before!  The country side was gorgeous and I finally found the small village I was looking for.  How hard would it be to find the soccer fields?……..  First I had to find the street.  I stopped and asked a man getting gas.  I asked a local.  He pointed to the street I had just missed.  Traveling down the street, still lost, I asked a jogger (another local) and he pointed the way.  I took a wrong turn, backed up the Honda and started out again.  OK, I asked another local.  A lovely lady walking a dog named Bear.  I know that because Sam asked the lady the dog’s name.  This local pointed the way and after several minutes I found those damn, I mean darn fields.   I also saw someone waving to me to show me which field.  Thanks, Jenny.   Long story to tell you this nugget.  When we first have a baby with down syndrome we feel lost.  We had followed all the directions, taken our packed bags with us to the hospital and thought we knew where we were going.  I was pretty confident as a mom because after all this was baby number four.  C- section number 3, but I just threw that in to make you wince.  You know I was lost for a while.  After I got myself together I started asking the locals the way.  The people who had kids with down syndrome older than April.  They had been there and done that.   That’s why I write this blog.  I’m the local.  The guy in that old garage that has been at it for a while.  I hope that by writing this blog I am helping the people who have kids with down syndrome that are looking at their maps and wondering what’s next and where do I go from here?   If you are  reading  this blog and don’t have kids with down syndrome I hope you are learning about how fun, and exciting and normal our life is.  I am glad I kept asking the locals or I would have missed this.   I am changing my motto to – “If  I have a map and a mouth and ask the locals I can get anywhere!”     Remember, stop and ask for help.


  1. Loved the post! Sometimes I’ll hop on my bike and make sure I “get lost”. I’ve come across some of the coolest, and often serene, places that way. Miss you!

    • miss you too…………………………….

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