Posted by: Susan | September 21, 2010

Being a blood donor – the ultimate inclusion project.

Yesterday April gave blood-again!  This was her 4th blood donation.  Her first time was at her high school.  It also happened to be her birthday and she was giving a present-her blood.  Since then 3 more times for a total of 4 pints of blood.  A half-gallon of the precious red stuff because that is what she wanted to do.  She tells me she donates because she wants to save lives.  My daughter with down syndrome is saving lives.  The same darling girl who people sometimes look at in a funny way, have made comments about and perhaps even snickered at as she goes about her day.  I understand that not all people value people who have disabilities.  But here is the irony.  April’s blood might be the very blood that saves someone with that kind of attitude. When you need blood you don’t ask about race, religion or disability. You are just thankful that it is there because you need it.   Keep saving and changing people’s lives April.  Blood donation is truly the ultimate inclusion project.



    • Thanks for always reading.

  2. Way to go April!!! You are so brave! I know a lot of people who are WAY too chicken to donate blood! 🙂 I look forward to learning more about you!

    • She is braver than I am.

  3. Wonderful post about a thought-provoking subject…hooray for AprIl!!!

  4. Why have I not known about this blog??? I can’t wait to read it regularly!
    Way to go, April on donating blood! Miss you all.

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