Posted by: Susan | September 23, 2010

Cheers with German Beers

Last night was the German Festival/Party in the park.  Yep, the park that we can walk to and do almost every day.  The city of Blue Ash was welcoming its sister city Ilmenau, Germany.  You can find all the festivities at this link.

The before party at my house involved wine and cheese and then a walk to the park.  Notice April on the porch not wanting her picture taken with her brothers.  If only those boys would look at the camera!This is our darling friend Andi that we love to have visit us.

Lots of girl talk going on between these two.

Neighbors everywhere along with the Town Council, German delegates, German band and lots of other people.  There was a beer truck and FREE German food?

Two moms from my Girls Night Out group.   Baby Margaret has her eye on that beer.  No wonder, it was German and delicious!

Waiting in line for food.

Another darling friend, Rose, met us at the park. She is a camera guru and is going to teach me how to use more than one button on my camera.  As you can see we ate bratwurst, kraut, potato salad and chips.  Did I mention we drank delicious German beer?

Finally the band playing German music.  A perfect night of food and fun.  No matter where you live you can find lots of things for your kids to do.  This is a prime time for fall festivals.   Check your local paper and get those kids with down syndrome out in their community.  Tomorrow look for, ta dah, pictures from Bras Across the Bridge.  See yesterday’s post if you don’t have a clue what I am talking about.


  1. What a wonderful evening–great company, food, and drinks! Thanks Meyers family!!

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