Posted by: Susan | September 28, 2010

Low Tech

Today Jake headed to school with his cell phone and iPod.  Sam got up and wanted to play Star Wars Lego Wii.  Sam wants to play the Wii all the time.                                                                                                                                                   


April gets up and wants to be on Facebook. The problem is there is not much interaction going on when you are always high-tech. 

This past week I went back to low tech just for a little while.  There was much whining, gnashing of teeth and complaining!  I prevailed and dragged out my favorite board game, Sorry.  Love this game.  This is how the kids learned to count to twelve, practiced taking turns, learned to move the game piece once in each square, practiced reading skills, learned to identify the number of dots on the dice without having to count them each time(OK, that was on another board game), and learned that the players take turns in a clockwise direction.  I have spent many hours playing Uno, Shoots and Ladders, Trouble and many other board games.


Lots of smack talk, teasing and squealing goes on during these games.  I finally had to make them stop playing because we had somewhere to go.  Don’t forget to drag out those games and have them play with siblings, neighbors, dad, mom, babysitter or anyone else you can find.  Board games build so many skills and have people actually talking to each other.  Sometimes low tech is the way to go!  Tonight I have a meeting.  The Hunk is back in town after a five-day trip down memory lane (reunion).  Tonight he gets to interact and play board games with the kids.  They will love it after they get past the gnashing of teeth, whining and complaining!


  1. We love our board games too…

  2. I love teaching skills through board games. Each one has a separate set of skills that can be taught. What a fantastic post!

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