Posted by: Susan | October 4, 2010

Hey Soul Sister and a teen with down syndrome

Thursday night, as I mentioned, we went to the Volley for the Cure at the high school.  I love this event for the obvious reason, raising money for cancer research.  I also love it because I can go a little wild, wear pink clothes,  lots of pink bling and spray my hair pink like Abby.  Yep, next year I am spraying my hair.  The music was playing and I was ‘sort of swaying’ with the music until April told me, “That’s enough mom.”  It was then I noticed that the mascot can do anything he/she wants to do.  The mascot can dance, lay on the floor, act crazy and no one tells them to stop.  They are supposed to act crazy.  No one knows who is inside that suit.  I mean, come on, it could be someones mom! 

Sam and I love to rock out in the car.  He plays the air drums and I do air keyboard or guitar.  I only play my parts at stoplights.  We turn the music up loud.  Our current favorite song is – Hey Soul Sister!,+Soul+Sister   Scroll to the video and play. It will make you happy.  At home we turn it on and dance.  Today on the way to downtown Cincinnati it came on the radio.  Fun….  We could rock on down the road.  I started getting into the music and getting  ready to sing, I love the high parts, and Sam said “Hey mom don’t sing.”  Et tu Sammy?

This brings me to another life lesson.  Being embarrassed at what  your mother does is just part of growing up.  It is a sign of maturity………    Of course we mothers hate it when this happens.  We love it when we can sing, dance and act silly and the kids love it.  I am afraid not so much at my house anymore.  And definitely never in public.  Another milestone accomplished.   Now you know why I  want to be a mascot?

See how cleverly I tied that song into the reason for this post.  My life lesson is- I really like Train,  the lead singer, and that song!  Who cares how old I am.

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