Posted by: Susan | October 8, 2010

Reds At Phillies, 6:07 P.M. Today

What does the title of this post have to do with down syndrome?  Stay with me here.  Cincinnati is going crazy because we have a chance to go to the………World Series!  We, I can use ‘we’ because I live in Cincy, blew it Weds. night.  We lost in a nasty no-hitter.  Today in our local paper was an article about a 12 year olds take on the game.  Here is how Austin Chahill sees the game. Don’t get too high when you win.  Don’t get too low when you lose.  Maintain a level.

Maintain a level when you are working with your child with DS.  There will be highs and lows.  Maintain a level if your child has a bad school year-it will be better next year.  Maintain a level if reading, or math, or whatever seems to be taking too long to grasp.  Maintain a level even if they don’t learn absolutely everything we try to teach them.  Come to think of it this is a great mantra for parenting any child.

The Reds are going to go at the Phillies tonight.  I am sure they have reviewed Weds. games many times.  Now on for the win.  Get’em  Friday.  Hmmm, baseball quotes.  Words to live by.

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