Posted by: Susan | October 14, 2010

A story about paint chips.

Paint chips…..Paint chips?????????????  How in the world can that be about down syndrome?  Stay with me here.  One of my favorite blogs is Young House Love  It has nothing to do with DS and everything to do with DIY (do it yourself).  This couple has totally redone a house from the 1960’s and blogged about it along the way.  I got sucked in when I read about their DIY wedding.  Make sure you click the heading on that one.  Where was I? Oh,yes now I remember.  The blog has inspired me to get moving and do things in my house.  The wallpaper from the 80’s is finally gone.  When you look at pictures of us together in the dining room you will see really ugly wallpaper- it’s gone!  My latest project was our downstairs bathroom.  Jim hates to pick out paint.  So it was all me – at first.  I picked out some insipid colors like Delicate White, Sweet Honeydew, and a very light yellow.  Enter April.I invited her to go to the paint store with me.  On the way I handed her the paint chips, I mean paint strips, and asked her to pick one.  Of course I meant pick one of the ones I had checked.  April picked out 2 colors that I hadn’t even considered.  She picked out a gray called Thin Ice and a yellow called….wait for it….Blonde Beauty.  What’s a mother to do?  I am teaching this girl to make decisions.  Oh, what the heck.  Each sample can is only $5 and if I hate them I will just go back to the paint store.  I bought the Thin Ice, Sweet HoneyDew, and…….wait for it, Blonde Beauty!

Long story short- we put all 3 colors on the wall.  Mine was a washed out green.  The Thin Ice would have worked but the……………wait for it, Blond Beauty was gorgeous just like someone I know.

 My blonde beauty really does have a sense of color and style.   Blonde Beauty, my favorite new color in my redone bathroom!

Down Syndrome Awareness:


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! We’re so glad to have inspired you to have some fun with paint chips! Good luck in all of your home improvement endeavors!

    Sherry (& John)

  2. LOL – Love the blonde (girl and wall color)! When I saw the title I thought lead paint chips b/c we have a story (or 3) about that given our Bayman’s Cottage was built in 1824. We’re hard core DIYers… gonna go check House Love. (Maybe I’ll write a paint chip story as part of our Down Syndrome Awareness month in honor of yours.

  3. Gotta love April, our Beautiful Blonde Bombshell!

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