Posted by: Susan | October 15, 2010

Job Search

April’s days at Kings Island are drawing to a close.  The park will be closing Oct. 31 meaning April has only 3 more Saturdays to work.  She has been working with a placement agency for several months now.  Two weeks ago she was told she had a job at a new restaurant only 1/2 mile from our house.  We were both thrilled.  She could walk to work.  But wait, the owner had second thoughts.  First he wanted her to observe to see if she could do the job.  The job is bussing tables and serving food.  She has done this many, many times in the job training programs she attended.  Next to owner wanted to have her work on a trial basis.  April worked not once, not twice, but three times.  Yep, 3 days for free.   Everyone liked her and gave her lots of good comments(her choice of words).  I really thought she would get the job.   She/we were very disappointed when she didn’t.   Here comes the life lesson.  Everyone has disappointments in life, even our kids with DS, that they must learn to deal with.  April said to me, after she learned that she wouldn’t get the job, “I will never get a job in this economy.  No one is hiring.”  She also told me she didn’t want to go job hunting anymore.  She told me she would just rather volunteer somewhere. Even this couldn’t change her mood. Yesterday she went out looking again.  The picture of her reflects her mood-not happy.  We really had to talk to her about remembering your goals, everyone has to work and yes, there are jobs out there!!!!

Life skill:  Teaching our kids to keep trying.  All these sneaky lessons that keep cropping up.  I thought teaching them to tie their shoes was hard!

For Down Syndrome Awareness Month- don’t miss this one.  Excellent!

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