Posted by: Susan | October 16, 2010


April has started back on her Biggest Loser diet and exercise program.  She and my older daughter Jennifer are in a competition to see who can lose the most weight.  For some reason all of my children are very competitive.  No idea where that comes from.  April decided she needed to sabotage her sister’s diet.  On Tuesday she walked to  CVS and bought a large package of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  On Weds. she wrote a letter making it seem like it was from Pete to Jennifer.  Pete is Jenny’s husband.  I am sure April thought Jenny would not recognize the letter was from her.  I read it and it was hilarious.  It ended with something about Jenny’s butt being big.  On Friday I drove her over to her sister’s house and she secretly hung the bag of candy and letter on Jenny’s storm door.  We went home and waited for a phone call.  Jenny called, talked to  April and acted as though she thought the letter and candy was from Pete.  April continues to laugh about the great stunt she has pulled off.  And yes, Jenny ate a candy bar.  She said she is going to freeze the rest but as you know a frozen candy bar is easily eaten.   Mission accomplished.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month:  Happy Birthday Jillian


  1. Note to April: I am going to lose more weight than you! I hope ‘nobody’ leaves peanut butter cups on MY door because I would just have to eat them and I might not lose more weight than you. One bag would not be enough, of course, to sabotage my incredible weight loss – I’d need about FIVE bags of chocolate candy.

    • I would just get GERD!

  2. You all are very gullible. I did NOT freeze them. Remember – I have no will-power when it comes to sweets!

    I ate 3 and gave 5 to the boys. She’s smarter than she looks folks.

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