Posted by: Susan | October 18, 2010

An M&M Break

Friday was the neighborhood Chilifest-sorry no pictures.  It was fun with lots of neighbors and great chili.  Jake, Sam and April walked home after about an hour to watch a movie.  Yes, they are fine at home by themselves for a short while.  April stays by herself for hours.  Jake and April can stay home alone for an hour or so.  Sam is never left alone but with the other 2 available to call on the cell phone and tattle it’s fine.

Saturday, April off to work and the boys and I off to see those reptiles……………

Saturday night a great family meal with Jenny, Pete and the grandboys.  Notice the walls.  Old wallpaper gone.

Sunday afternoon we went to the zoo and company picnic.

Sunday night I went to my room very early and shut the door………………..  Jim sent up a bag of M&M’s.  He knew I needed a break.  I only saw the kids when they came in to give me a kiss before they went to bed.

Life Lesson:  Know when you need a break and TAKE IT.  If your lucky someone may send up a bag of M&M’s.

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