Posted by: Susan | October 20, 2010

A mom’s life

This guy……………………….

is sick.   I woke up last night to the sound of moans coming out of the bathroom.  The Hunk heard nothing!  Sam spent a lot of time in there last night.  I spent a lot of time going up and down stairs getting  things to help him feel better.  You know the drill.  You just drift off to sleep and WHAM you hear your child up…..again.  The Hunk heard nothing.  OK, I know I said that already but I am going for the pity vote here.   Sam woke up with lots of energy but he has a sore tummy.  Fingers crossed while I took his temperature.  Darn, he has one.  Sam will be staying home with me today.   How can someone be sick with that much energy???  I know I am repeating myself but remember- pity vote.   He is dressed for the day, washed up and on the sofa eating a popsicle. 

I am off to wash sheets, disinfect the house and have another large cup of COFFEE.

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