Posted by: Susan | October 21, 2010

Jacob in the Middle

I was taking a walk down memory lane the other day looking at all my pictures on Picasa.  It suddenly dawned on me that I don’t take very many pictures of Jacob.  Jacob is my easy one.  The kid sandwiched between the Diva and the Rock Star.  The guy who doesn’t require much attention or direction.  The teen with diabetes that doesn’t bat an eye when he gives himself one of his 4 daily injections or sticks his fingers 6 times a day to check his blood sugar. 

When April was born (our 4th) it was almost like my first-born all over again.  I knew nothing about down syndrome and spent lots of time learning and doing everything in my power to  help her reach her full potential.  I hate that phrase now.  Helping someone reach their full potential is exhausting. Another post on that later.  Back to the story.  Four years later we adopted easy breezy Jacob.  One of the reasons I knew he had diabetes is because his personality changed.  After he was diagnosed and we got him on insulin he went back to Mr. Laid Back.  Five years later we adopted Sam.  Enter the whirl wind.  Yikes, that child had me running from morning till I fell into bed at night.  ‘Fussy’ was his middle name followed by the last name of  ‘The Tornado’.  Meanwhile Jacob in the middle was just playing with toys, delighting in life and enjoying the ride.

After my picture epiphany I decided to focus more on Jake.  To really listen what he has to say.  On Sunday I made it a point to take lots of pictures of Jake at the zoo.  We were there for a company picnic and when the rest of the family stopped for a drink Jake and I went to see the manatees.  This guy loves manatees and we spent about 20 minutes  looking at them,  using the computers to play games and making a manatee poster.  Lots of just us time without me trying to keep track of anyone else. 

Moral of the story.  Don’t miss out on the easy child.  I know at times I have.


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